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It's a trap

"You have a great talent for creating difficult situations"

— Rear Window

This series of paintings explores themes of human-thing entanglement as seen through the entrapment and manipulation via telephone communication — through the lens of Alfred Hitchcock. 


Hitchcock masterfully crafted his scenes and filled them with the suspense of sending and receiving that stirs imagination as well as conscience. Once modern, the glossy rotary dial now looks old-fashioned, acting as a true representative of its time. Lies travel up and down the tangled-up wires that physically connect our hero and their invisible counterpart.


Paintings use a limited palette of black red and gold, balancing between two- and three-dimensional reality. Characters exist in-between here and there; they might be flat like cardboard cut-outs or animated like comic books heroes. Golden light shines through the background moving the viewer away from consciousness and into the dream.  

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