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Arina Orlova is a London based visual artist. Her paintings are studies of modern mythology through the lens of popular culture and contemporary cinema. 


Myths are the stories we tell in order to understand our complex and contradictory world. All civilisations have created myths to represent their unconscious beliefs. Shaped and reshaped by the dynamic process of telling, listening, and reflection myths evolve and hold a mirror to society.

Arina’s work focuses on popular cultural heritage, its heroes and the artefacts they employ, seeking patterns, rhymes and synergies.  


The artist creates acrylic paintings with elements of gold leaf on board and canvas. Her works reference influences from pop art, film as well as traditional religious iconography. The ‘mythological characters’ that she captures are instantly recognisable, connecting with the viewer on a subconscious level.


Humans create things and very often become dependent on things, getting caught in a double-bind – depending on things that depend on them. Arina is interested in exploring this paradox by capturing people using things and getting entangled by them. She is inviting the viewer to think about this ever-growing complexity. 


Arina studied Visual Arts/Illustration in University of the Arts London, she has extensive background in Graphic and Product Design. She now works from her South London studio. 


To enquire about available artworks or representation please contact via email

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